Align Your Company Culture & Business
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About Culturedation

Culturedation. Culture + Consolidation. As the name goes, we're here to help you optimise your company culture in consolidating your strategic business pillars for your continued growth and success with your employees and customers.

We believe company culture is much more than just fancy offices, posting for photos and funny dance videos. A purposeful and authentic engagement with your employees and customers are what we want to help you with, for them to experience what your company is really about. 

Culturedation: Company Culture Services

Culturedation helps you align your Company Culture with your Business, leveraging your company culture as a strategic enabler for your business performance.

Culturedation supports you in this journey by providing Company Culture Advisory and Workshop services ranging from developing strategic blueprints and roadmaps to running impact programmes and courses. Areas include (but not limited to): 


  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Customer Experience Improvement
  • Sales Operations & Processes

  • Workplace Culture & Core Values Alignment
  • Employee Culture Fit Assessment
  • Employer Branding & EVP Development

  • Speaking Engagements
  • Lunch & Learn Sessions
  • Workforce Readiness Clinics

For our upcoming Culture Training programmes, check out our available training sessions here

Culturedation_Your Company Culture Consultant_Benjamyn Phua

Your Company Culture Consultant

Good day! Benjamyn here, and a pleasure to e-meet you.

I founded Culturedation with a mission to help you leverage your Company Culture in achieving strategic success with your employees and customers. 

Prior to this, I spent approximately 8 years in the Sales and HR space with hands-on experience ideating and implementing various cross-functional projects and process improvement initiatives. I have worked in and experienced both corporate and startup company culture environments. 

I am also a HRD Corp Accredited Trainer, able to conduct Company Culture training programmes that are HRD Corp Claimable. 

Looking forward to supporting you in your Company Culture journey.

Benjamyn Phua
Founder, Culturedation