Culturedation: 3 Ways to showcase your Company Culture

Why showcase your Company Culture?

Showcasing your company culture enables you to stand out when engaging your target employees and customers.

This is important, especially to distinguish yourself from your competitors when what you are providing are similar (or even the same in some cases). E.g.

Your target employees are thinking, "Other companies are also providing similar job roles and remuneration, why choose yours over them?"

Your target customers are thinking, "Other companies are also providing similar products and services with similar pricing, why choose yours over them?"

Showcase your Company Culture as your unique differentiator from your competitors

Sharing 3 ways you can do so with the ACE acronym:

  • Ambassador
  • Content
  • Experience


Your current employees and customers are your company culture's best ambassadors, so share their testimonials and journey reviews.

This is an effective way to generate leads by referrals from their network too.


Create and share content such as pictures, videos and write-ups that highlight your company culture.

Maximise these platforms to do so:

  • Company website
  • Social media
  • Newsletters


Invite your target employees and customers and let them experience your company culture first-hand.

Examples of initiatives you can organise:

  • Office visits
  • Work simulation activities
  • Networking events

What next?

Apply the framework and you are now on your way to ACE-ing your engagement with your target employees and customers.

Showcase your company culture and stand out.


Culturedation helps you create your Better Company Culture for Better Sales and Employee Performance.

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