Culturedation: What is a Company Culture Playbook? (with tips to create yours)

A company culture playbook documents your desired company culture experience alongside actionable and guiding principles to achieve it.

It can help you:

  • Define your desired actions and behaviours for your company culture
  • Align your employees through your shared and reinforced company culture
  • Create a consistent company culture approach for you when servicing your customers

How to create your Company Culture Playbook?

You don't need a complicated one to begin with.

Just a concise one that serves your company culture goals best.

Here are some simple tips on the key sections to include when creating your company culture playbook. The 3 Cs for your reference:

  • Company Story
  • Core Values
  • Call To Commitment

1. Company Story

This section outlines a brief overview and background about your company's journey.

Key areas to include:

  • Founding origin story
  • Historical milestones
  • Mission, Vision and Purpose statements

2. Core Values

These are the fundamental traits and beliefs that act as a guide to the decision making process within your company.

Key areas to include:

  • Clear definition of your core values
  • How the core values contribute to business goals and stakeholder value
  • Desired behaviours and application of the core values

3. Call To Commitment

This section exhorts for a shared and collective effort from every employee, junior to senior in cultivating your desired company culture.

Driven by your aligned workforce, success here results in your company-distinct customer experience and strategic competitive advantage as well.

What next?

You can always update and revise your company culture playbook along the way as your company culture continues to evolve and mature alongside your company's growth.

With a company culture playbook, you now have a clear documented point of reference for your desired company culture experience.

Don't leave your company culture to chance.

Because if you do, you are leaving your sales and employee performance to chance as well.


Culturedation helps you create your Better Company Culture for Better Sales and Employee Performance.

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