Culturedation: Journey Mapping your Company Culture

Journey mapping your company culture enables you to better visualise how your employees and customers are actually experiencing your company culture throughout their interactions with it.

This will help you in creating better and more impactful Employee Experience (EX) and Customer Experience (CX) when engaging your employees and customers who are experiencing your company culture.

How to journey map your company culture?

The important principle here is to immerse yourself in the journeys of your employees and customers throughout their experience with your company culture.

Here are 3 key areas to consider, using the 3 T's:

  • Target Personas
  • Touchpoints
  • Thoughts

1. Target Personas

Target personas are fictional profiling of individuals that represent your targeted employees and customers experiencing your company culture in the journey maps.

The right profiling helps identify the right employee and customer experience to map out.

Some examples of profiling details to include:

  • Motivation & desires
  • Job position & responsibilities
  • Pain points

2. Touchpoints

The touchpoints outline the various stages your targeted personas experience in their interactions with your company culture.

E.g. A typical experience flow of a jobseeker when applying for a job in a company's career website:

  • Browse company website job listings
  • Sees listed job ad that interests jobseeker
  • Continues reading on company culture and job description
  • Does own research about company and job
  • Decides to apply and submits application

3. Thoughts

This explores the potential thoughts of your target personas throughout their interaction stages when experiencing your company culture.

Some examples:

  • Perception of company culture
  • Positive/negative emotions
  • Questions & queries
  • Fears & concerns

Concluding remarks

Journey mapping your company culture can help you unlock valuable insights about your company culture, as experienced by your employees and customers.

By understanding your employees and customers better, you are a step closer to creating a better company culture experience for them.


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