Culturedation: Effective Company Town Halls for your Company Culture

A company town hall is a company-wide employee engagement meeting where the company's senior management team can interact with its employees by sharing the company's latest updates and getting feedback on them.

This is important for your company culture as it helps in keeping your employees better informed and aligned to your company's overall direction in moving forward.

How can you organise effective company town halls?

When planning and running your company town halls, you can apply the 4 A's principles:

  • Agenda
  • Achievement
  • Address
  • Action Plan

1. Agenda

Having an agenda helps in setting a clear direction flow of your items to be covered during the company town hall. You can open your company town hall with the agenda to do so or even pre-share the agenda outline to your employees before it commences.

A typical company town hall agenda:

  • CEO welcome address
  • General overview of company progress
  • Department-specific updates
  • Q&A
  • Concluding remarks with call to action

2. Achievement

Alongside sharing company updates, a company town hall is an opportunity to celebrate together as a company your recent achievements, such as notable wins and successes.

Examples of company achievements you can celebrate include:

  • New product launches
  • Improved business metrics (e.g. customer satisfaction score, sales revenue etc)
  • Market growth expansions

In addition to company achievements, don't forget to celebrate your employees' achievements too. After all, it is their dedication and hard work that made the achievements happen.

Examples of employees' achievements you can celebrate include:

  • Promotion of employees
  • Effective handling of a specific work issue by employees
  • Top performance of employees

By recognising the achievements, this helps in improving overall company morale and motivation.

3. Address

A company town hall is also an opportunity to address any potential concerns and queries that may have arisen from recent company business decisions and changes, such as company restructurings and introduction of new policies and processes.

This is typically done during the Q&A segment of the company town hall. However, there may be times where not every concern and query may be addressed during the Q&A due to constraints of time and/or lack of needed information to properly address it there and then.

With this, you can consider utilising your other company communication channels to properly address them after the company town hall as well, as long as it is done promptly.

By providing your employees the platform to engage in an open dialogue, be heard and have their concerns addressed directly, this helps in reinforcing overall trust in the company.

4. Action Plan

This is a vital, yet often overlooked required aspect of effective company town halls.

From the company updates raised and highlighted during the company town hall, there needs to be a proper action plan to follow through on them.

In addition to moving your employees in the right direction after the company town hall is over, this also ensures collective accountability and ownership on the company updates.

What next?

By applying the 4 A's principles, you are on your way to planning and running effective company town halls for better informed and aligned employees.

Better informed and aligned employees bring you closer to your better company culture.


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